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Sports massage is a type of massage delivered to improve performance and increase the energy level of athletes, bringing them to the optimal physical condition. In addition, it helps athletes to stay on the top of their physical abilities. This massage is an excellent way to prepare to all kinds of competitions and contributes to the full recovery after heavy loads.

Also, this massage is an integral part of preparations, as well as plays a crucial role just before the competition.

Sports massage has a multifaceted effect on the body. Practical applications and researches have proved this massage to have a positive effect on the neuromuscular system. The massage improves blood circulation and stimulates all the necessary metabolic processes in the body. Tired muscles are saturated with nutrients and oxygen more intensely. During sports massage, dead skin cells are removed. The heart function improves, as well.

Sports massage plays an important role in improving joints mobility.

There are several types of sports massage: training, preliminary, and recovery.

Training massage comes as an addition to the basic training. With this massage, physical abilities and body functions are improved. Most of time, sports massage focuses on the muscles taking the heaviest strain.

Preliminary massage is used either before trainings or before competitions, which involves warming up muscles.

Recovery massage is a kind of body relaxation to recuperate after certain loads. Recovery massage can include water treatments like baths or warm shower.

Sports massage employs the following techniques: tapping, chopping, patting, stroking, rubbing.

Stroking is applied when the muscles are completely relaxed. Rubbing is a preparatory process for massage procedures. Patting, tapping, and chopping are applied during the procedure.

To deliver massage you need to know its basic rules. Do not stimulate the lymph nodes. The therapist’s hands should not cause pain. To improve the process of blood circulation, the therapist should start with more massive parts of the body: the back, neck, arms. To avoid tension accumulation in the muscles, it is necessary to take a comfortable position, which allows achieving a state of complete relaxation.

A massage session is divided into 3 stages: introductory, main and final.

The introductory stage is a preparation for the main part. The duration of this stage is 1 to 3 minutes.

The main stage aims at relieving stress and recovering the body. It lasts up to 20 minutes.

In the final stage, the intensity of special stimulation decreases, passive exercises are used. Duration: 1 to 3 minutes.

Any healthy people can take massage.

Massage is counter-indicative for people with skin diseases or inflammatory processes, as well as patients with high body temperature.