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Many people know Sakura to be a plant amazing in its beauty, yet also a symbol representing the Land of the Rising Sun. Amazingly beautiful Sakura flowers are often embodied in furniture pieces and paintings of Japanese artists. And it is no surprise that it has become a symbol of the amazing relaxation technique.

This type of erotic massage with such a poetic-sounding name involves sensual touches a professional therapist applies to your body and sensual impacts on your erogenous zones using her lips and tongue. Gentle kisses, accompanied by soft biting and licking of your sensitive spots, make the pleasure more pronounced. These touches remind soft breeze and gentle touches of petals. That is what this type of massage received its name for.

During a Sakura Blooming session, ice cubes and cognac can also be used. Your therapist will use cognac to warm up certain zones of your body, and then, cool them down with ice, thus producing a temperature contrast to give you even more pleasure.

You may think this session cannot last longer than a few minutes, as the sensations like these will soon lead you to the peak of emotions and the happy ending. However, a professional therapist can send your energy in the direction she thinks to be the right one, and you will keep on enjoying these incredible feelings over and over again for a long time.

Sakura Blooming is a kind of sacrament to end up with your full relaxation. The gentle caressing hands of your therapist know a lot of tricks. They will make you feel more alive, allowing your sexual energy fill your body.

The experience and skills of your therapist will turn your massage session into a breath-taking and unforgettable performance. You will find your piece of mind; air will fill up your body. Pain will leave your arms, legs, shoulders, and neck, and you will feel yourself unconcerned and weightless.

The session completed, your life will sparkle with brand new colors and brand new sensations. You will feel intense sexual attraction to women. Sakura Blooming is a very common procedure in Asia, because of its therapeutic effect. It has been very popular since ancient times and has not lost its relevance to date. By the way, in Japan, it is customary to begin the act of love with foreplay like this.

Sakura Blooming massage technique

The Sakura Blooming massage is a great way to experience completely new emotions. A professional therapist, who knows all the subtleties of Oriental massage techniques, will gently stimulate the lower part of the pubic bone, thus enhancing sensitivity and sensations during orgasm. That is why the Sakura Blooming massage is very well suited to the elderly.

During the session, the girl will rub your body applying circular movements, while pressing on certain spots of your body to make your liver and bladder function better. The production of sex hormones will increase, and, at the same time, ejaculation will be postponed.

You can spend ages to describe all the positive qualities of this procedure. Yet, the best thing is to experience these sensations at least once in a lifetime.

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