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Sexy long hair of charming and beautiful female therapists, soft like silk, with a glint of eroticism and the aroma of bee honey, have always been, will be and remain an object of worship for real men. It goes without saying that you always focus on divine beauty or worship what you are eager to possess. If you have always been fascinated with long-haired girls, these fairy mermaids whose hair freely falls down like Niagara Falls, with long and wildly sexy curls, and still dream to meet a charming mermaid for a pleasant stay, then you have come to the right place. Our salon of erotic massage will be so much pleased to let your long-cherished dream come true, to carry you away with a storm of pleasure and ocean waves of ecstasy.

The best erotic salon in Moscow invites you to try a new erotic service called the Loose Hair. You are going to memorize it for the rest of your life. You will find yourself in a magical world of unearthly pleasure and unreal ecstasy. Try this technique of erotic massage once and you are sure to come again to enjoy it.

Feel this truly unforgettable program with your own body. A fabulicious long-haired mermaid is waiting for you night and day at our erotic salon to show you this unique technique of erotic massage.

It is only you she will let her hair down for. She will caress your strong body gently and slowly, making stops at the most intimate zones. This erotic massage will take you to cloud number nine, bringing your feelings to the extremes to let your inner volcano erupt an avalanche of real happiness. A sexy girl will wildly squirm In front of you will, with her unreal sexy body flexible like a bamboo tree, lush delicious curls of hair, modestly covering her beautiful body parts.

Her slightly wet hair will slide over your strong body, driving you crazy. She will start from your chest and will slowly approach your hard rod.

And then comes the moment when the fairy mermaid touches the main part of your body. Here, an incredible action begins, narrowing your eyes with heavenly pleasure. Every inch of your body screams in ecstasy, sending a pulse of happiness into your brain. Absolutely all your erogenous zones feel the same incredible feeling when a beautiful therapist takes you prisoner using her thick hair. Ends of her fragrant curls wet with excitement tease you caressing your skin, bringing you to the summit of satisfaction and a unique spiritual euphoria. Her wet hair brings you back to reality for a second and you realize that all this magic is really happening here and now.

Body massage and the Loose Hair service are a perfect combination, for an extra fee. You can touch the therapist along the contour of her body – this program is called the Shameless Caresses — for an extra fee.

If you still hesitate where to go on Friday or Saturday night to celebrate a bachelor or birthday party, we will be happy to welcome you at our erotic massage salon. We have everything you need for a high-quality rest and entertainment: an excellent Finnish sauna, Russian baths, a spacious swimming pool, a Jacuzzi tub, the best bar in the downtown of Moscow and much more.