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Our Moscow-based salon of erotic massage, rest, and relaxation in Moscow is pleased to offer you a new service called the Crazy Menu. It is a pure godsend for real connoisseurs of quality erotica. Few Moscow erotic massage salons can impress their clients with such an erotic program. Our elite massage salon is the leader of industry, so we are to surprise our dear guests. That is why the Crazy Menu service is one of the most interesting erotic programs. If you have not decided yet where to go to have some fun and relax, you are welcome: we have everything for a quality rest: a sauna, a swimming pool, the best bar in Moscow. Celebrate your bachelor or birthday party with us. Visit us and you will never regret it!

You are given the unique opportunity to make your most intimate desires and fantasies come true, to paint the most daring and unexpected erotic picture your mind could draw – this service is fundamentally different from all other programs.

Our erotic salon in the downtown of Moscow invites you to materialize any of your erotic dreams from a false fight and firing your employees to all kinds of erotic fantasies.

The crux of the biscuit is relaxing erotic massage delivered by the most beautiful and wildly delicious therapists of Moscow. This program has an addition which includes two individual to be chosen by the client. It doesn’t get better than that!

The ancient art of erotic massage owes its coming-into-being to the Great East. The ancient East had secret knowledge of how to use certain points of a human body, making your partner moan with pleasure.

A quality relaxing massage session is not only an amusement, but also quite a useful and therapeutic process. Experienced therapists of our erotic salon are fluent in this technique of erotic massage, which will allow you to recharge your batteries with positive energy, to find your peace of mind and rejuvenate your bod

So, the Crazy Menu, our new trendy service includes the following fantasies:

  1. Choose any of our female therapists for a pleasant rest. It can be any erotic service available.
  2. Ask a therapist to do something unusual for you, such as feeding her a banana from your hands.
  3. Enjoy the unique opportunity to order an erotic dance choosing any of the girls of our erotic massage salon.
  4. Have a glass of strong alcohol from the juicy breasts of a horny therapist.
  5. Undress a therapist if she allows you to do so.
  6. Buy a sexy therapist of your taste and relax with her in a cozy private room, sauna or pool, for an extra pay.
  7. Ask her to call you My Lord.
  8. Relax in a Jacuzzi tub for an extra fee.
  9. Make your most daring erotic fantasy come true sharing it with any female employees of our erotic massage salon.
  10. Taste the flavored Oriental tobacco from a hookah with a tube put between the legs of your sexual therapist.
  11. Rent the whole place for a certain period of time with all the girls and relax as you choose (no sex, it’s a rule!) for an extra fee.
  12. Fire a therapist and much more – it all depends on your imagination.

The Crazy Menu program is a completely new mind-blowing idea of making your erotic fantasies come true. This service is available only in our privileged salon of erotic massage and can be ordered by anyone ready to pay for it. So this program is available only to wealthy customers. Live your fantasy – anything that comes to your mind. We will do anything you can pay for.