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Our erotic massage salon offers all guests to check out what real pleasure is by ordering correspondent services, including Blind Date. Massage is a great opportunity to fully relax, forget about all the problems, and get a peculiar pleasure. Today, many choose this type of massage as an opportunity to relax and get rid of stress and tension.

Our salon offers its clients an engaging service called Blind Date. The guest is blindfolded, and he chooses a therapist to massage him. He is not going to see her during the procedure. This brings its intrigue, making the session even more interesting. We advise you to order this program in combination with the Sakura Limb, Hellerwork, Lingam, Cream services and the one where ice is used to make your sensations more intense.

You can take off the blindfold as soon as your massage session is complete. That is when you are allowed to see your therapist.

The Caressing Your Therapist service is no less popular among the guests of our erotic massage salon. It is about petting your therapist and gently touching her body. This service is paid separately, but it adds sensuality to your massage.

Erotic massage is full of extraordinary emotions. It is an amazing new experience. Complement it with the Blind Date program to spice up your sensations. Such a way of communication between two people allows you to learn a lot about each other. We have experienced therapists who know how to make our guests feel relaxed. For this purpose, they practice the appropriate massage techniques with an effect that is both calming and exciting. It is so intriguing, especially when the guest cannot see his therapist during the session.

Today, many people face stress, unpleasant and conflict situations every day due to the nature of their business or otherwise. It is very important to learn how to forget about your problems, to switch your attention to something else, to be able to relax completely. An erotic massage session is exactly what you need in this case. Here, on a massage table you can set all the problems aside, with your spirits getting higher. We galvanize our guests with vigor. We cheer, amp, and rev them up and they feel ready to tackle your obstacle and quickly solve all the issues.

Do not deny yourself the pleasure to have a great time, enjoy new experiences, and relax. Erotic massage is all about these things. Today, this industry is actively developing and becoming more popular. A great many of our guest have had a chance to appreciate the special power of this massage, its positive impact on your entire body. Every regular massage session is considered as a great and incredibly pleasant way to relax our guests. This is a great opportunity to relieve stress and emotional and physical tension accumulated due to your hard daily work.

Erotic massage allows you to rediscover something new. It has a beneficial effect on the growth of sexual potential. Sensitivity is increased, also. During the procedure, therapists will stroke certain parts of your body. In addition, practicing the appropriate techniques results in a special sought-for impact. All guests of our erotic massage salon will appreciate the skills and techniques of our therapists. No doubt, every guest will like his massage session for it is a way to experience special sensations, unique pleasure, and relaxation.