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The hustle and bustle of a big city is very distressing, which sooner or later leads to complete physical exhaustion. That is why every big city resident just needs to relax and remove the accumulated tension from time to time.

Our salon invites you to try the delightful massage procedure called Anticork. Along with sensual pleasure, it will be useful for your physical health.

Anticork is not only a therapeutic procedure, but also a whole erotic performance delivered by a young and sexually appealing nymph.

Physicians say that this procedure has a beneficial effect on male libido and increases sexual potency. Erotic buttock massage is also an excellent tool to prevent prostate diseases and impotence. In addition, during a massage session, the blood supply of the body is improved, which contributes to the accelerated removal of toxins from the body. Also, fat content in cells decreases at this point, which help your lose weight. Anticork massage makes your skin more elastic and strengthens the gluteal muscles.

Most experts believe this type of massage to be ideal for women. If taken regularly, this procedure allows women to easily part with their extra pounds and cellulite and to have the elastic and toned body.

The sedentary lifestyle has a negative impact on the female reproductive system. Unfortunately, big city residents lack physical activity as they have little time for it. Anticork buttock massage makes the blood flow faster in the pelvic area, which in turn has a beneficial impact on the female reproductive system.

Anticork massage is also the best treatment of cellulite. The point is that cellulite mainly strikes the buttocks. The most effective method of getting rid of it is the professional massage of this problem area. It will be more beneficial than any scrubs and aggressively advertised anti-cellulite wraps.

This type of massage combines gentle touches and, at the same time, an intensive impact on all muscle layers. That is why it has health benefits for men, as well.

The therapist begins the session with the soft rubbing of your buttocks using her palm, gradually moving from the edges towards the center. Gradually, the girl increases the force of pressure. She moves her palms from the crease between your buttocks to the coccyx and beyond. By the way, the coccyx is one of the most erogenous zones in humans – there are an incredible number of nerve endings responsible for pleasure. During the session, the girl applies circular and longitudinal strokes. It should be noted that Anticork is an erotic type of massage, so, the girl’s hands will eventually reach the genital area. As sexologists put it, touching the genitals from the buttocks side is most pleasant.

The main rule when rubbing the buttocks is to alternate between soft strokes and hard touches. The girl can stroke your buttocks, or knock on them with the edges of her palms.

Pinching by a therapist is another zest our guests adore. The girls is very careful and tender when pinching you. She pays special attention to the coccyx, gently stroking it and gradually increasing the intensity.

For Anticork massage, call us to make an appointment.